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news, virgin american announced travel to ca ncun and cabo san lucas from sfo. ktvu's maureen naylor is in redwood city where that clean up effort is still under way. the warning signs replain in place tonight for people to stay out of the water here at the redwood shores lagoon until the sewage is cleaned up and that could take a few more days. >> reporter: the fish were jumps jumping and the birds were flying near the lagoon. bob gilmore is sticking to his walking routine. crews are back at work today repairing landscaping after
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last week's sewage spill. now said to have spilled 1,000- gallons of raw sewage. >> we had estimated it might take longer and that we expected the gallons to go up. and so i was as accurate as i could be at the time with the estimated gallons. >> reporter: the city says the most important thing is residents were notified immediately. >> they really jumped on it. they put automated messages on the telephone. they told us everybody out here that they had a sewage spill and they were working on it and they did. >> reporter: but a dog watch group says she's concerned about an increasing problem on spills. >> they've spilled 50,000- gallons of sewage, and that
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number is larger than any in the peninsula. >> reporter: crews will start treating the spill as soon as tomorrow until then, swimming, fishing and boating here remaining off limits. recording live in redwood city, maureen naylor. we want to take a moment now to make a very important correction. earlier in this newscast we spoke to a woman who's son is serving in the military overseas. devlin sewell was speaking to us on the president's speech. we want to make it clear that her son is okay and is in iraq. we apologize for the mistake. the city redevelopment agency and nonprofit is saying
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the neighborhood is undergoing something of a renaissance. since 2003, 30 building facades have been renovated and 30 new business have opened up in that south of market neighborhood. the university of california is working to make up a $20 million shortfall in its retirement system. one of the options to fix the problem is increasing the amount workers have to pay into their retirement funds. uc is also looking at looking at the retirement age for some new hires. regents may vote on a new solution by september. more than 100 park workers could lose their jobs next month unless a federal budget
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gets an extension. jobs now has helped find jobs for about 3,800 people since it began sometime last year. gavin newsom is pushing for an extension. the weather is expected to heat up which means pollutants could be trapped closer to the ground, to help prevent smog, officials want to encourage people to use public transportation. you can feel it warm up today. let's go to bill martin in the weather center. >> you could feel it heating up. you can also see it heating up, i guess if you will. what i'm pointing at here is the fog now. you can see how it's come away from monterey bay. see how it's taken the fog and scoured it out. it's cleared to ocean beach, starting to see sunshine there. this north wind will clock a
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little more easterly tomorrow and thursday, you have yourself a warm up with the bay area quality management district saw that on the computer models that's why they issued a spare the air day for tomorrow. because that you get an inversion and the particulates will get trapped. the spare the air day isn't in response to the ozone levels that will be high at the surface, evenings and mornings as the commute goes on. we are already seeing the fog get scoured away. i'm looking at the temperature, i might have to go a little warmer than tomorrow. you will see that on the fly around 44 cities, but i might have to bring some of those low
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90s into the high 90s for tomorrow. you will find upper 90s, but now you're out closer to rio vista, out toward sacramento. but you get the idea. the heat is back. warmer in mountain view tomorrow. no fog in the morning, daytime high in mountain view 88 degrees. forecast highs around the bay then. certainly warmer than they were today. we'll look for temperatures to continue to increase on thursday which will be the warmest day of the week. very warm on thursday, hot weather the next couple of days. plenty of fluids, spare the air tomorrow. >> thanks bill. there is a warning for parents and students tonight following an incident with a suspicious man in a walnut school. the incident happened is the girl was headed home from an afterschool program. the man tried to talk to the student but did not threaten or touch her. he is described as white, about 55 years old with blond hair
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and he was driving a white convertible. police are urging students to walk in groups. coming up, people who come to the marin head lands from around the w-rld take in this amazing view. but soon they may not see a functioning fire station.
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the only fire station in the marin headlands may close this year. eliminating the department would save $60,000 a year. that includes section 52. federal officials are negotiating with a neighboring fire district to cover the area which includes rodeo beach and the headlands institute. mark ibanez joins us now with sports, the a's are back at yankee stadium right now and they are not doing well. as we speak. >> reporter: as they say, good pitching will take care of business, not tonight.
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they have been teeing off on mazaro. that's mark texeria with a blast into the second deck, three run homer. right now in the seventh it's 9- 2 yankees in control. thank goodness preseason football is almost over. 49ers and raiders will wrap up their preseason games this week. niners on thursday, david karr will probably get the bulk of the snaps. >> the different feel that first drive with him in there. he brings a different energy. in a goods way, no question. it was fun. >> let's take a look at last night's activity from the u.s. open, roger federer in the far
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court. just an absolutely incredible shot coming up between the legs and a winner against his opponent bryan debule. let's take a another look at it. between the legs, not just between the legs but an absolute bullet. a winner needles to say, straight sets for roger federer. that's the sporting life at this hour. >> priceless, the other guys reaction. >> what are you going to do. >> that's our report for tonight. thanks for joining us. >> have a good evening.
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hey, you're not going to believe this. i made up a joke and sent it in to playboy. they printed it. here, check it out. it's the first one, too. right there. ( all chuckling ) that is funny. it was also funny when i made it up. what? i made that joke up. uh, oh, no, you didn't. i did. uh-uh-oh, yes, i did. i told it to dan at work and he said it was the funniest joke he'd ever heard. hey, tell dan "thanks." what? i'm sorry. i was just reading the joke below it.
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that one is funny. monica, you remember me telling you that joke, right? no. seriously? well, you tell a lot of jokes. look, chandler, it's my joke. hey, if it makes you feel any better they don't print the name so it doesn't really matter who gets credit, right? i guess not. hey, guys. hey, joey! playboy printed my joke! no! no! it's mine! call them. they'll tell you. it's my joke. it's my joke! whoa! whoa! whoa! jokes? you guys know they have naked chicks in there, right? ♪ so no one told you life was gonna be this way ♪ ♪ your job's a joke, you're broke ♪ ♪ your love life's d.o.a. ♪ it's like you're always stuck in second gear ♪ ♪ when it hasn't been your day, your week ♪
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look, if you need money would you please, please just let me loan you some money? no, chandler. look, forget about it, okay? look, i know things have been a little tight since janine moved out-- god, was she hot. whoa-ho. i know. but look, i can handle it, all right? i can... listen to the radio, huh? and, uh, hey, ross gave me this great book. okay, fine. you want to see if the joke stealer will let us watch the show at his place? sure. yeah. paid your phone bill? not so much. hey. it's only you. wh-what are you doing? we are looking at a playboy. oh, i want to look, too. yikes! ( laughs ) so do you think that these pictures... are they trying to tell a story? oh, well, yeah, sure. i mean, like in the case of this young woman
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she has lost her clothes, so... so she rides naked on the horse, she's crying out "where are they? where are they?" well, she's not going to find them lying in the grass like that. ( laughing ) god... oh... yeah. oh, remember the days when you used to go out to the barn lift up your shirt and bend over? yeah. you see, now... see, now, i would date this girl. she's cute; she's outdoorsy. you know, and she knows how to build a fire. i mean, that's got to come in handy. hey, i got a question. mm-hmm? if you had to pick one of us to date, who would it be? i don't know. me, neither. rachel. what? i don't know. me, neither. you know, you forget how many great songs heart had. yeah. yeah.
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you know, "barracuda" was the first song i learned to play on the keyboard. so you heard it, you repeated it... so that must mean... you wrote it. oh, you guys with this joke. look, i got to say, i know i cracked up but i'm not even sure i got it. what? you didn't get it? the doctor is a monkey. ( both laughing ) and monkeys can't write out prescriptions. ( both laughing ) you are not allowed to laugh at my joke. your joke? well, i think the hef would disagree which is why he sent me a check for $100. so you stole my joke, and you stole my money? you know... i was going to stick it in the atm but now i think i'll show the sexy teller that i am a published writer. well, she is going to know that you stole the joke.
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what are you going to do, follow me down there? yeah. well, i'm not going to go now anyway. okay. here you go. oh. uh... uh, gunther... i can't pay for this right now 'cause, uh, i'm not working so i've had to cut down on some luxuries like, uh... paying for stuff, so... if you want, you can work here. i don't know. see, i was a regular on a soap opera, you know... and to go from that to this, it's just... and plus, you know, i'd have to wait on all my friends. okay, but the money's good. plus you get to stare at rachel as much as you want. what? flexible hours. oh. maybe... maybe i could be a waiter. could i use the phone? she picked rachel. i mean, she tried to back out of it
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but it was obvious-- she picked rachel. he took my joke; he j-just took it. that's wrong. you know what else is wrong? phoebe picking rachel. you know who else picked rachel? ross. you know what else ross did? he stole my joke. you know what? i'm going to get a joke journal, you know? and document the date and time of every single one of my jokes. that's a good idea. yeah. you know what's a bad idea? picking rachel. that's right. ( knocking on door ) hey, you guys. hey. hey. oh, don't you guys look cute. you guys make such a cute couple. monica, what are you doing? nothing. i'm just trying to recreate some of the fun that we had at my place the other day. remember? when you picked rachel over me? ( laughing ): that was funny. yes, it was kind of funny. it wasn't funny at all.
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why would you do that? why didn't you pick me? fine. the reason that i was leaning a little bit more toward rachel than you is just, you know, you're... kind of high maintenance. okay, let's go to lunch. that... that is completely untrue. you think i'm high maintenance? okay, prove it-- i want you to write out a list and we're going to go through it point by point. no, you're right-- you're easygoing. you're just not as easygoing as rachel. you know, she's just more... flexible and-and mellow, that's all. well, people are different. yeah, you know, rachel-- she'll do whatever you want, you know? you can just walk all over her. what? wait a minute. what, are you saying i'm a pushover? i'm not a pushover. oh, okay. you're not a pushover. oh, my... you think i'm a pushover. well, watch this. you know what? you're not invited to lunch.
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what do you think of that? i think that's pretty strong, is what i think. come on, monica, let's go to lunch. you start working on that list! i cannot believe her. i know. where do you want to go eat? oh... oh! i love that japanese place. i'm sick of japanese. we're not going there. all right, well, wherever you want to go is cool. oh, hey, gunther check this out. ( laughing ) yeah, that chandler cracks me up. hey, ross, listen, you want anything to drink? 'cause i'm heading up there. uh, yeah, i'll take a coffee. thanks, man. sure. coffee? no. coffee? 'cause i'm going up there. oh, no, thank you. okay. you guys need anything? 'cause i'm heading up there. i'd love a... ice water. ( chuckling ): you got it.
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joey... what are you doing? ( chuckling ): just being friendly. joey, i-i don't think you're supposed to go back there. no, no, it's okay. right gunther? don't wink at me. and put on your apron. ( chuckling ): okay. i don't see you asking any other paying customers to put on aprons. joey... do you work here? no. waiter? yeah? wendy's spicy chicken nuggets. all-white meat. seasoned with peppers and savory spices. so cool, i mean hot. wendy's classic frosty, made with rich cream and 100% real cocoa. so hot. i mean, cool. each only 99 cents for a short time. so...nice.
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why didn't you tell us you work here? well... well... it's kind of barrassing, you know? i mean, i was an actor; now i'm a waiter. it's supposed to go in the other direction. so is your apron-- you're wearing it like a cape. i mean, the job's easy, and the money's good, you know and i guess if i'm going to be hanging out here anyway
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i might as well get paid for it, right? i just feel kind of weird serving you guys, you know? it'll be great. oh... joey, come on, i did it and it was fine. yeah. why would it be weird? hey, joey, uh, could i get some coffee? okay, i guess it doesn't seem that weird. seriously, i asked you before-- you still haven't gotten it. see, now it's weird again. i think it's great that you work here. you'll make a lot of money, and here's your first tip: don't eat yellow snow. ( chuckling ) 2:15. coffee house. this is great-- finally, i have someone i can pass on my wisdom to. let me tell you about a couple things i learned while working at the coffee house. um, first of all, the customer is always right; a smile goes a long way; and if anyone is ever rude to you... sneeze muffin.
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